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8/18Star Wars Destiny Store Championship
Location is Saint Louis Park. 11am Reg, Noon start. $10 entry fee
8/18Age of Sigmar Tournament
Location is Burnsville. 10am reg, 11am start. Generals Handbook 2018
8/25X-Wing Store Championship
Location is Burnsville. 10am reg, 11am start.
8/25Shadespire Store Championship
Location is Minneapolis. 10am reg, 11 start.
Location is Burnsville. 10am Reg, 11am start. Format is Modern
9/1Last Chance Qualifier
Location is Minneapolis. Format is Standard. 10am Reg, 11am start time. Winner of this gets an invite to the RPTQ the next day
9/2RPTQ Pro Tour Atlanta
Location is Minneapolis. Format is Standard. 9am reg, 10am start. You must have won in invite to play in this event.
9/8Kill Team Tournament
Location is Minneapolis. Start time is 11am. Cost is $10
9/8Magic Chaos Draft
Location is Burnsville. Start time is 1pm. Cost is $20.
9/14Store Championship FNM
Location is Saint Louis Park. 7pm Start. Format is Standard.
9/15Store Championship Magic
Location is Minneapolis and Champlin. Start time is 1pm. Format is Standard
9/15Batman Day
Location is Minneapolis and Saint Louis Park. Come celebrate Batman all day with us.
9/15ITC Warhammer 40K Tournament
Location is Champlin. Registration is 10am and the tournament will start shortly after.
9/15Flames of War Tournament
Location is Minneapolis. 10am start time.
9/16Store Championship Magic
Location is Burnsville. Noon Registration, 1pm start time. Format is Sealed Deck.
Location is Minneapolis. 10am Registration, 11am start time. Format is Modern.
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