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The Dreamers Vault Games $1,000
Magic: the Gathering Tournament!

Dreamers 1k Magic the Gathering Tournament
Starting in 2019, we will be holding new Magic: the Gathering tournaments where you can win cash! We are redefining the Dreamers 1k to better fit our amazing customer base all across the Twin Cities. While many things are still being decided, here are some of the details:

- We plan on holding one or more tournaments per year depending on the format.
- We plan on making the tournaments open to everyone! There may be caps on the number of participants though, so be sure to secure your spot once pre-registrations begin.
- We plan on increasing the prize pool significantly! Depending on how we structure the payouts, there may be an entry fee.
- Due to the Pro Tour changes, the first tournament will be held sometime in February 2019 once we know which weekends are available and how the competitive scene looks.
- The tournament location, structure, format, and prize payout table are still being finalized so check back soon!

More details to come!

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